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Sound -  Radiohead. Moon Shaped Pool - "Daydreams"  may be purchased here

Video - The Class of 2016 - ARTS 204

Lab Times

The computer lab/room 216 is available for student use on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:AM to 11:PM and Fridays from 10:AM to 5:PM. The weekend schedule for the building (hopefully the room is open!) is Saturday 9:AM to 4:PM and Sunday 12:AM to 9:PM

Website Ideas​ - design portfolios to inspire you!

Awwwards - Design centered

Awwwards  - Portfolio​

45 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you (article)


GIF art

History of

Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium (video)

Bored With 2-D? Make Your Photographs Wiggle

A Guide To Enjoying (And Making Your Own) GIF Art

Another How-To

Reed and Rader

Pink Box collective

GIF artist collective on tumbler


Video/Audio Capture Tools


youtube to mp3 converter

Beginner tutorials on the tools we'll be using. There are many tutorials out there, good and bad -  Here are a few I thought were OK

Final Cut Pro X Tutorial - beginners

Garage band tutorial - beginners

This tutorial covers the After Effects techniques we’ll be using in the little monster’s project -

Another simpler without the VO -


Video Mapping Tutorials

Projection mapping overview + tutorial by PBS

A beginner’s guide by tinkernut - lots of great resource links beloe the video (note: I think we're going to be using After Effects software) -


Student video mapping/projection - fun small scale projects

Pop-up book mini projection mapping tests "Schodinger's Rabbit" -

3D block demo -

Cat monster - LOVE -


Other projection ideas

On a fixed gear bike -

“JACK” Projection Mapping Sculpture -

Note making of video! "Making of" Jack   -

Exterior examples -

Interior tabletop -

Student work -

Projection on the Bridge - Immersive Surfaces - As Above, So Below -

Projection of huge dragons on a building -

transforming a building into a monster -

Handy tutorial for house projection -

Another "Regular Guy" tutorioal - using After Effects -

gurella projection - turning a bike into an elephant -


Video mapping software

VPT - VideoProjectionTool) is a free multipurpose realtime projection software tool for Mac and Windows created by HC Gilje.

Download -

Getting interactive with VPT


Other projection stuff

Projection mapping site -

Simple projection tool for iphone or ipad -

Demo... Cheezy yes – but imagine the possibilities -

Peppers ghost effect -

Game engines

Interactive video tools

10 Interactive Video Art Projects that Get Physical with Screens (article)


Datamoshing - This is a (currently overused) technique

Footage of textures and animals and other stuff data-moshed to the tunes of Aphex Twin- We are the music makers.

Extra Inspiration

for those with an interest in makeup, costume design and theatrical staging

Triadisches Ballett (Triadic Ballet)

Breadfacing…  Go on, try it.

Oh dear - she took down her instagram page -too bad : ( here's a youtube video

Online archives and periodicals

Artforum Videoarchive

The Happening History of Video Art (BBC)

The psychology of cinema episode 2 – BIG – worth a watch


Ars Electronica

Artfem TV - Art and Feminism -

Tokyo Art Beat


10 best video artists working today (2015 article that does not take projection mapping and installation into account)



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